NOCTURNAL FEAR – “Fog of War + Line of Fire EP” Double LP out now!

Shipping next week.

NOCTURNAL FEAR – “Fog of War + Line of Fire EP” 2xLP is shipping soon, just in time for Christmas!
Detroit, MI 2001 is not the ideal time or place to be for any metal band just starting out. However, NOCTURNAL FEAR was forged and created with the shellshocked memories and influence of the darkest Thrash Metal legends from the 80’s (such as Sodom, Celtic Frost, Kreator) and founders of early 90’s Death Metal (such as Death, Possessed, Pestilence), molded into the perfect killing machine. Although they have been inactive since 2014, Nocturnal Fear have forged a classic and unforgivable assault of pure brutality in their heyday.
Thus, we are pleased to announce this release for the first time ever on 180 gram wax, with the cooperation of Vampiric Bloodlust Records. This is NOCTURNAL FEAR’s second full-length album, “Fog of War”, which has been resurrected from the past and loaded with 10 tracks re-mastered for the vinyl format. It takes aim directly at your turntable.

Accompanying this release is a 10′ at 45 RPM. It features their extremely rare “Line of Fire” EP. There are 3 tracks of Metal-blasting mayhem and prophecies of devastating nuclear war when the Pentagon sounds. “DEFCON 1” has 2 never before released songs exclusive ONLY on this vinyl release, and new artwork!