NOCTURNAL FEAR – “Fog of War + Line of Fire EP” Double LP out now!

Shipping next week.

NOCTURNAL FEAR – “Fog of War + Line of Fire EP” 2xLP is shipping soon, just in time for Christmas!
Detroit, MI 2001 is not the ideal time or place to be for any metal band just starting out. However, NOCTURNAL FEAR was forged and created with the shellshocked memories and influence of the darkest Thrash Metal legends from the 80’s (such as Sodom, Celtic Frost, Kreator) and founders of early 90’s Death Metal (such as Death, Possessed, Pestilence), molded into the perfect killing machine. Although they have been inactive since 2014, Nocturnal Fear have forged a classic and unforgivable assault of pure brutality in their heyday.
Thus, we are pleased to announce this release for the first time ever on 180 gram wax, with the cooperation of Vampiric Bloodlust Records. This is NOCTURNAL FEAR’s second full-length album, “Fog of War”, which has been resurrected from the past and loaded with 10 tracks re-mastered for the vinyl format. It takes aim directly at your turntable.

Accompanying this release is a 10′ at 45 RPM. It features their extremely rare “Line of Fire” EP. There are 3 tracks of Metal-blasting mayhem and prophecies of devastating nuclear war when the Pentagon sounds. “DEFCON 1” has 2 never before released songs exclusive ONLY on this vinyl release, and new artwork!

AVR crew on leave

10/21 – 10/31 2023

WINTER ETERNAL – “Realm of the Bleeding Shadows” LP. OUT NOW!

We present their 2019 opus “Realm of the Bleeding Shadows, on limited white (100), blue (100), & black (300) wax! Finally, a band from Greece that blends the traditional sounds of Greek Melodic Black Metal (think Varathron, early Rotting Christ, & Kawir) and of their Scandinavian counterparts (Dissection, Sacrementum, Watain). They have created their our unique sound: heavy on the bass, fast, heavy & epic! Ships now. Customers from Europe: buy direct from the band, linked here.

THEUDHO – “Voorbij de nevelen des tijds” vinyl now on pre-order!

Now available for pre-order. Monumental new album from Belgian Pagan Black Metallers THEUDHO out soon on on LP. Reserve your copy today!

The anticipated sixth album from Theudho is here on CD/Tape/Vinyl! Continuing in the tradition set by “De roep van het woud”, which was a huge progression in terms of songwriting.

True pagan black metal seems to be long out of fashion but it was a big part of what Heidens Hart was built upon. Theudho is Belgium’s longest running pagan black metal band alongside Ancient Rites and keeps doing what they do best: blackened pagan metal with top notch songwriting. The tracks are very diverse but always with a focus on strong melodies, with plenty of aggressive, melancholic as well as monumentally epic and bombastic sounds. The sound is completed with well written guitar solos (a rare thing these days!) and atmospheric acoustic guitars. Theudho is easily among the best the country has to offer in the genre.

The fantastic art on front and back are custom paintings by Wesley Dewanckel, entirely made on request and per the vision of the band.

CD was pressed in The Netherlands.

Released in Europe by Heidens Hart
Released in USA by Archaic Vengeance Records
Released in Australia by Aurora Australis Records

THEUDHO – “Voorbij De Nevelen Des Tijds” album.

Out now on CD/Tape/Vinyl later.

WITCHBLOOD – “Sword and Sorcery” album out now on CD!

Newest album to bring an end to 2022. 12 new Witching Metal tracks & the first demo from 2008 included! Order now on the shop!. Co-released/European distribution by Werewolf Promotion.

ANGELUST – “Carnal Rites” (CD)

Black ‘N’ Roll (Thrash meets Black metal) from the USA! Originally released exclusively on LP in 2020. Two years shortly after that, the CD demand was met. The time has come, and it is fully mastered & restored to give you the maximum volume output. Featuring rhythmic heavy guitars and drums, blackened shredding vocals, and soaring guitar leads in the vein of old SODOM, MOTORHEAD, VENOM, and SLAYER!

GRAVEWURM titles available!

GRAVEWURM – “Dread Night/Ancient Darkness Arise” (2018-2019)

2 albums on one CD! Now available!

GRAVEWURM – “Funeral Rites” CD/vinyl 2020 album blasting through the pandemic!

Shirt also available in short sleeve or tank top!