NINNIXU – “Collection” (CD)

Compilation released back in 2008 of this USBM horde! Covers all their material from 2001-2003 plus newer bonus tracks. This compilation includes 1-6: Destructive Forces Obscure. 7-11: Ninnixu 4-way Split. 12-16: Ninnixu / Nazarene Whore Split. 17-19: + Bonus Material. Includes members of DECEMBER WOLVES, DEATHGOD MESSIAH, & WITCH TOMB.

1.Desert Goat03:59 
3.Into the Sigil02:49 
4.Xastur Daemon02:37 
5.Concerning Necromancy03:52 
6.La Gitana02:49 
8.Spirit of Abyss02:00 
9.Ganzers Fist01:39 
11.Black Acidic Rites01:19 
13.Molest the Whore02:17 
14.Sodomy of Holy C_*01:49 
15.Strength and Defamation02:17 
18.On the Altar02:30 
19.Possess the Ara Star03:17 

MORD – “Imperium Magnum Infernal” (CD)

Originally released in 2006: MORD’s one & only high ranking full length album. Black depressive metal features members of XASTHUR, FUNERAL MOURNING & BLASPHEMOUS CRUXIFICTION. Tracks:

1.Necrobestiality = Goatworship09:29 
2.Occulta Sodomistica09:01 
3.In Nomine Sathanas09:08 
4.Part I – Summon the Beast/Part II – Seeds of Evil13:12 
5.Rise from Hades03:41